Fire Retardant Clear PVC Heat Shrink Tubing, 2:1 shrink ratio, length= 50/250foot, UL224/VW-1

General Details

Fire Retardant Clear Heat Shrink Tubing
UL Recognized to 600V

Type HSC-FR is a flexible polyvinyl chloride clear heat-shrink tubing. Excellent flame retardant properties and a 2:1 shrink ratio, the VISI-SHRINK tubing enables inspectors to read die index embossments on installed connectors easily.
UL Recognized, 105° C, 600V, the operating temperature from –20° C to 105° C with a shrink temperature of 135° C.

Features & Benefits
• UL 224, VW-1 Rated
◊ Self-extinguishing flame retardant properties.
• Clear Tubing
◊ Allows inspection of die index embossment and shiner after installation is complete. Should any corrosion occur it will be visible during inspection.
• Low Shrink Temperature
◊ Only requires common hot air guns to apply.
• Meets MIL-M-23053/Z-206C