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一种简单、便携和高效的几乎近乎纯铜的高分子焊接,成功焊接后不松动不腐蚀!新型电子控制的远程点火装置,精准无误确保每次点火成功,安全高效,专为防腐而设计的阴极保护产品已经行销55个国家,产品线包括磁性夹具(专利),远程电控点火装置(专利),防护盖(专利)以及焊粉和其它附件;符合UL467,IEEE837, IEEE80, IEEE81, IEEE998, NFPA780, IEC/TS60479,EN62305, ANCE NMX-J-549;

线缆对线缆 线缆对钢板 线缆对钢筋 线缆对接地棒 线缆对铜端子 线缆对管道 线缆对铜排 铜排对铜排 钢排对钢筋 接地棒对钢筋 铜端子对钢板 铜排对钢板 接地棒对接地棒 线缆对航空接地插座 线缆对铜管 铜端子对铜管 接地棒对铜管 铜管对铜管 线缆对机车导轨

The thermOweld® permanent-connection process has been engineered to be an easy and efficient field welding system. No outside power, bulky gas tanks or other equipment associated with welding are required with the thermOweld® system. Any field installer or contractor can use our high-grade graphite molds designed and produced in thermOweld’s world-class volume CNC manufacturing operations.
Incorporating our patented EZ Lite® mold lid (see page 10), ignition is done safely from the top of the mold with limited exhaust emanating from the side vent. This innovation from thermOweld®, combined with other unique features, make even tight field installations possible. For indoor connections where desired, thermOweld® offers lowemissions molds as well. Contractors worldwide demand thermOweld® for ease of use and the safest operation. Using thermOweld’s superior weld metal (see page 132), a high-temperature reaction between special formulations of copper oxide and aluminum occurs in the mold crucible. Upon reaching critical temperature, the resulting molten copper drops into the weld cavity, instantly creating a hightemperature molecular bond with the conductor. This weld connection cools rapidly and the mold can be removed for the next connection with thermOweld’s special off-set handle clamps (page 136). The thermOweld® process creates a superior connection without the excessive applied heat of brazing, arc welding or soldering. This is important especially for welding insulated cables or to thin-wall pipe.

Standards Relating to thermOweld Designs of Earthing, Grounding and Lightning Protection
IEEE: 80-1986 USA, Australia, Asia, Europe, Latin America Guide for Safety in AC Substation Grounding
IEEE: 837 USA, Australia, Asia, Latin America Standard for Qualifying Permanent Connections used in Substation Grounding
IEEE: 81-1983 USA, Australia, Asia
Guide for Measuring Earth Resistivity, Ground Impedance and Earth Surface
Potential of a Ground System
IEEE: 998-1996 USA, Australia, Asia Guide for Direct Lightning Strike Shielding of Substations
UL-96 USA Lightning Protection Components
UL 467 USA, Australia, Asia Grounding and Bonding Equipment
NFPA 780 USA, Australia, Asia Lightning Protection
NEC-250 USA, Canada Grounding and Bonding National Electrical Code
TIA-607-B -2 Global Telecom Grounding Bars and Products
IEC/TS 60479-1 Europe, Brazil Effects of Current passing through human beings & livestock
EN62305-3: 2011 Europe Protection against Lightning, Physical damage to structure and life hazard
ANCE NMX-J-549-2005 Latin America Lightning Protection