Rigid Spacers

Rigid Spacers

General Details

Rigid Spacers
Since the 1960s, BURNDY has been providing
motion control products for transmission lines. This
rigid spacer line addresses the needs for many new
transmission lines being designed with twin bundle
conductor per phase. BURNDY rigid spacers are
engineered to perform to customer and industry
standards and carry with them the design, testing
and field installation experience to provide the right
solution for each transmission lines. Placement
recommendations are provided for optimum
performance on each project.


Industry Specifications:
IEC 61854:1998
Performance Requirements:
Corrosion Protection: Breakaway Bolt – Black Anodized Aluminum
Clamp Slip: Longitudinal = 200 lbs.
Torsional = 10 lb-ft
Breakaway Bolt: 10% above installation torque without damage
Fault Current: Up to 30kA
Simulated Short Circuit: Compression = 2400 lbs
Tensile = 1200 lbs.
Fatigue: Longitudinal = 1 million cycles
Voltage Rating: 345 kV
Temperature Rating: High Temperature (HT) Silicone rated to
250ºC max
Standard EPDM rated to 125ºC;
150ºC (2 hours emergency)
Application Specifications:
Installation Torque: 752 lb-in ± 10%
Clamp: Breakaway secondary bolt head
Clamp Frame: Aluminum Alloy
Shearhead Bolt: Aluminum Alloy
Placement: Provided based on customer’s span
Typical Example: 10 spacers per wood box (25”x11.5”x11”)
Each spacer packed in plastic bag
(Actual packaging would be based on
customers specifications for project worksite.)