6-Ton pole cutting/crimping tool, using on copper,AAC,ACSR and guy wire - ASTM F711

  1. General Details

    绝缘杆通过ASTM F711和IEC60855测试

    • 绝缘杆符合OSHA 1910.269标准,绝缘等级100KV
    • 液压软管符合SAE J343标准100kV/Ft (5 minutes)
    • 液压油符合ASTM D877标准大于37KV
    • Hand-Stop操作安全线确保安全作业
    • 可拆卸刀头可在剪切或压接之间选择
    • 行星齿轮无级变速器平稳高速运转,无穷动力来源
    • 3AH/5AH大容量锂电池超快速充电,两电一充
    • 杆长1.8米总长2.1米,重量5.8KG
    • 杆长2.0米总长2.5米,重量6.4KG

    软铜线350 MCM
    铝线636 MCM (AAC)ORCHID
    AAC铝绞线 MCM
    钢芯铝线556 MCM(26-7 DOVE)

    铜线600 MCM
    铝线636 MCM (AAC)ORCHID

    IN-LINE pole cutters are battery actuated hydraulic self contained cable cutter for cutting operations at heights. it’s incorporates a hydraulic pump generating considerable cutting force providing a consistent and reliable cut every time.

    it’s features interchangeable MD6 jaw assemblies, capable of both cutting and crimping (using W and X style dies). 350 rotatable jaw for operation in virtually any position.

    it’s supplied with battery charger and two batteries.

    Length available = 82 /98 inch

  2. Benefits