6-Ton interchangeable scissor action crimping and cutting jaws

General Details


• V型钳口设计使压接更快速
• 180°度自由旋转钳头更易于高空中压接套筒
• 更换模具或钳头实现压线或断线功能
• 高级别人体工程学重力平衡设计
• 行星齿轮无级变速器平稳高速运转,无穷动力来源
• 5AH大容量锂电池超快速充电,两电一充
• 剪切铜铝线240平方,剪切钢芯铝线240平方

The PAT500SJ Series accepts all BURNDY® standard “W” and “X” style crimping dies and offers Copper crimping capacity from #8 wire up to 500 kcmil and #8 wire to 350 kcmil for Aluminum cable. With the interchangeable cutter jaw, the PAT500SJ allows for Copper cuts up to 500 kcmil, Aluminum cuts up to 636 kcmil and ACSR cuts up to 556 kcmil. Built on the BURNDY® INFINITY DRIVE® engine platform to deliver 6 tons of consistent force, the PAT500SJ Series incoporates the latest in engineering technology with a patented high-speed hydraulic pump system and field proven electronics offering high-performance, speed and a consistent and reliable connection every time. Other features include a state of the art crimping head design and an audible “pop-off” indicating a properly completed crimp.

PAT500SJ6LI BG and D3 grooves (3.0Ah)
PAT500SJ68LI O and D3 grooves (3.0Ah)
PAT500SJ66LI D3 groove only (snub-nose) (3.0Ah)
PAT500SJ6L5 BG and D3 grooves (5.0Ah)
PAT500SJ68L5 O and D3 grooves (5.0Ah)
PAT500SJ66L5 D3 groove only (snub-nose) (5.0Ah)
PATMD6LWJAW Crimp jaw with BG and D3 grooves
PATMD68LWJAW Crimp jaw with O and D3 grooves
PATMD66LWJAW Crimp jaw with D3 groove only
PATMDXPJLWJAW Crimp jaw with X, P & J grooves
PATMD430LWJAW Crimp jaw, Dieless, #4 AWG – 3/0 AWG
PATMDCUTLWJAW Cutting jaw with ACSR blades
PATMDCUTCLWJAW Cutting jaw with CU/AL blade


• Interchangeable scissor action crimping and cutting jaws
• 180° head rotation
• Uses W and X style dies
• Ergonomically balanced tool design
• Includes 2 batteries, charger, and polymer carrying case