Diesless crimping for 5/8 Service Entrance Splice : #10 through 1/0

General Details

The OH25 incorporates a full cycle ratchet and cam mechanism allowing an easy, one-hand crimping operation. The ratchet mechanism provides for properly completed crimps every time before the tool can be removed from the connection. The OH25 is designed to install 5/8″ INSULINK and LINKIT service entrance connectors with only (1) crimp per connector end, speeding installation time. The single crimp covers the complete contact area, eliminating possible overlapping or failure to make the proper number of crimps. 5-year limited warranty.


• One crimp speeds installation
• No dies to lose
• Long dependable life with forged steel jaws and stainless steel indentor
• Convenient hole to hang tool
• Protection of internal parts provides long life
• Ratchet mechanism provides proper crimp and uniform quality installations
• Easy one-hand tool operation with spring loaded comfort grip handles
• Proven reliable with years of dependable service
• 5-year limited warranty