Pneumatic OEM tool for #8-4/0 copper uninsulated terminals, UL.

General Details

OEM840NCP pneumatic press to its line of OEM tooling products.

The OEM840NCP bench top pneumatic press is fast, reliable and produces a high quality crimp every time. With its many safety features and high speed pneumatic crimping, it is the perfect tool for a busy production line.

The OEM840NCP will accept U, UM, and W dies and can crimp BURNDY terminals and splices from #8 – 4/0 AWG including YA, YA-L and YAD-M series ( See table ). The front safety shield can be set up for right, left, or middle access for efficient use of bench space and ease of operator use.

The OEM840NCP offers a variety of safety and ergonomic features designed for user comfort and safety. The OEM840NCP comes with a 2-year limited warranty.

Features and Benefits
  • Customizable clear polycarbonate safety guard enabling customer to customize guard for left feed, right feed, or center feed cable entry
  • Guarded foot switch minimizes accidental press actuation
  • Easily adjustable cable locator reduces operator error by allowing for easy and accurate terminal placement
  • Pressure regulated controller controls the crimp force providing consistent and reliable crimp every time
  • Low limit pressure regulated switch prevents crimp cycle completion will not permit a partial and unreliable crimp
  • Cycle counter displays total cycle count notifying operator of total cycles
  • Guard interlock switch disables press operation when the guard is removed offering additional user safety
  • Front tilt adjustment provides ergonomic positioning for ease of operator use
  • 2- year limited warranty parts and labor