Bulkhead Ground Connector / Direct Burial

  1. General Details

    Bulkhead Connectors
    该款由一公一母两个split bolt组成,可实现穿板式连接,比如机箱或者外壳的内部与外部的电路连接。栓体由硅青铜材料制成,使用不锈钢五金件。正确安装符合NEMA 4X标准。

    The “Bulkhead” connector is designed to allow a ground wire to be connected from the inside of a box or enclosure to the outside of a box or enclosure.
    This new connector is supplied in kit form with a male SERVIT POST™, female SERVIT®, (2) stainless steel washers, split lock washer and sealing washer.
    The available “Application Guideline” document helps describe the application with visuals and installation examples.

    KCKF23 10mm2 (4.1) – 35mm2 (6.5) 275 [31.1] 7/16
    KCKF25 35mm2 (6.5) – 50mm2 (9.3) 385 [43.5] 9/16
    KCKF28 50mm2 (9.3) – 95mm2 (12.8) 500 [56.5] 11/16

  2. Features & Benefits
    • Provides an easy way to connect ground wires “through” an enclosure wall
    • Includes Male SERVIT POST™, Female SERVIT®, (2) Stainless Steel Washers, Split
    Lock Washer, Sealing Washer
    • Split Lock Washer allows adjustment of conductor orientation
    • Made of Silicon Bronze material (connectors) and Stainless Steel Hardware, Sealing Washer
    • Meets NEMA 4X requirements when installed correctly
    • Application Guideline document available
    • Industry proven split bolt/SERVIT POST™ technology
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