CNC Aircraft-grade Machined Aluminum, Gerotor design, 515 ft-lb

General Details

CNC精密机加工铝型材, 摆线马达设计,配以热绝缘符合人体工程学的手柄,人性化的转换开关设计:可实现扭力转换和攻/退转换,并且内置安全泄压阀!强有力的17kg/m扭力冲头强劲有力!机身小巧重量轻盈并且操作简便坚固耐用!适用于钻孔,攻丝和取丝等!

• 机身由航空级挤压铝型材制成-轻便坚固
• CNC精密机加工零件构成-可靠耐用
• 使用零摩擦摆线液压马达-小型低速大扭矩
• 内置子弹筒式泄压阀-安全
• 7/16“ 三球式快速冲头-快速拆装
• 一键式开启/关闭设计
• 宽型触发扳击设计
• 进出端口 SAE 6 转接头
• 逆流锁死保护
• 注射成型热固性绝缘材质握把
• 攻/退切换键

冲头类型:7/16“ 三球
工作压力:1,000 – 2,250 PSI
流量范围:4-12 GPM
重量:3.4 kg
尺寸:24.4 x 22.9 x 9.2 cm


The new BURNDY low pressure hydraulic impact wrench MAG Series (Machined Aluminum, Gerotor) is specifically designed for linemen and contractors needing power, reliability and enhanced ergonomics. This is an industrial grade impact wrench featuring an aircraft grade extruded Aluminum body and forged handle. All internal porting is accomplished through CNC machining for precision, reliability and increased repeatable performance. The wrench balances well in a gloved hand while the handle, grip and trigger have been ergonomically designed for ease of operation. Finally, the wrench incorporates a proven gerotor motor for long life and greater efficiency over gear type motors.

Ergonomic design

  • Injection molded replaceable grips providing “Non-slip” contoured comfort design and Isolation from system heat build-up
  • Balanced weight in assembled configuration
  • Glove-sized handle and ergonomically designed activation trigger for better grip
  • Reduced “handle-to-trigger” distance for ease of activation and feathering


  • Cartridge style valves eliminate “wear” to internal body of wrench reducing material repair cost and labor.
  • Easily replaceable shaft seal design

• Aircraft grade extruded aluminum body and forged handle
• CNC machined parts
• Frictionless gerotor motor
• BURNDY 5-year limited warranty
• Injection molded replaceable comfort grips
• Glove-sized handle and activation trigger
• Reduced handle-to-trigger distance
• Over 550 ft-lbs of torque @ 2000 psi & 5 gpm
• Reverse fow and hook-up prevention
• Dual spool selector for Open and Closed Center use
• Pressure relief valve
• Cartridge style valve