General Details

The lightweight Hydraulic Hand-held Chain Saw was designed for the ease of handling, balance and dependability. A Gerotor motor provides the hand-held chain saw with a high level of torque and horsepower for long and trouble-free operation. The handle remains cooler because no hydraulic fuid fows through the grip. An automatic chain oiler is another feature of the saw. In addition, the guide bar contains a nose sprocket for improved cutting performance and reduced wear of the guide bar. The saws are furnished with a .325″ pitch anti-kick back chain. The dual spool trigger design enables operation of the tool on both open- center and closed-center systems.

HHS-0C-B11: Overall length =21”, cutting capacity=11”

HHS-0C-B13: Overall length =24”, cutting capacity=13”

HHS-0C-B16: Overall length =27”, cutting capacity=16”

HHS-0C-B20: Overall length =30”, cutting capacity=20”


• Gerotor type motor has lifetime warranty
• Supplied with .325″ pitch anti-kickback chain for maximum safety
• Dual action spool quickly and easily changes from Open to Closed center operation
• Automatic, adjustable chain oiler enables longer running time without damage to chain/ bar due to lack of lubrication
• Low RPM and high torque – minimizes saw kickback
• Choice of 13″, 16″ or 20″ bars
• 5-year limited warranty