For Two Parallal Copper Cables to Bar / Direct Burial


High copper alloy ground connector for joining a wide range of two parallel cables to 1/4″ thick bar. Two-bolt design, separates cable from bar. Onewrench installation. UL467 Listed. The high copper alloy cast body and DURIUM™ bolts, nuts, and lockwashers make them suitable for direct burial in concrete or ground.

Catalog Number Conductor H J W
GL4C4C 8 AWG-4 AWG 1-1/2 3/8 1-3/8
GL2626 4 AWG-2/0 AWG 2 3/8 1-3/4
GL2929 2/0 AWG-250 kcmil 2-1/4 1/2 2-1/4
GL3434 300 kcmil-500 kcmil 2-7/8 1/2 2-7/8