GC-CT Cabletray Ground Clamp

Cabletray Ground Clamp / Tin-plated

General Details

This unique connector incorporates features which are unmatched. Made of tin-plated cast copper alloy, it accommodates either one or two conductors, copper or aluminum cable. In addition to a low profile head with a deep Phillips recess, the galvanized steel bolt has a ribbed neck which prevents rotation during installation when installed in a 0.44 diameter hole. When used on aluminum conductor, the cable must be scratch brushed and PENETROX™ A joint compound must be used on cable and connector. UL467 Listed for copper conductor only. Suitable for direct burial in concrete or earth.

Catalog Number Accommodates Copper or Aluminum Conductor in either groove B CF H J W
GC2525CT #6 Sol. (0.16 Dia.) – 1/0 Str. (0.37 Dia.) 1.12 0.56 1.95 3/8 1.45
GC2626CT #2 Sol. (0.26 Dia.) – 2/0 Str. (0.42 Dia.) 1.12 0.56 1.95 3/8 1.70
GC2929CT 2/0 Str. (0.41 Dia.) – 250 kcmil (0.58 Dia.) 1.12 0.56 2.20 3/8 1.98



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