For Parallel or 90° Copper Cable Connection to Rod or Pipe /Direct Burial

General Details

High copper alloy ground connector for joining a range of cable, parallel or at right angles to rod or tube. Especially good for fence posts. High copper alloy cast body with DURIUM™ U-bolts, nuts and lockwashers, permit entire connection to be buried in ground or concrete without danger of corrosion.
UL467 Listed for US and Canadian Markets.

GAR114C GAR1126 GAR1129
GAR644C GAR6426 GAR6429
GAR6434 GAR144C GAR1426
GAR1429 GAR1434 GAR154C
GAR1526 GAR1529 GAR1534
GAR164C GAR1626 GAR1629
GAR1634 GAR174C GAR1726
GAR1729 GAR1734 GAR184C
GAR1826 GAR1829 GAR1834
GAR194C GAR1926 GAR1929
GAR1934 GAR204C GAR2026
GAR2029 GAR2034 GAR214C
GAR2126 GAR2129 GAR2134
GAR224C GAR2226 GAR2229
GAR2234 GAR244C GAR2426
GAR2429 GAR2434 GAR8629

Features & Benefits

• Wire to Rebar
• Fence Post Grounding Connector
• Wire to Pipe
• One-wrench installation
• UL467 Listed
• Acceptable for direct burial