UL铜编织导电带Copper Braid

Flexible Copper Braid Bonding Jumpers

General Details

UL接地铜编织导电带Copper Braid
Flexible copper braid jumpers designed to take up linear expansion and contraction, compensate for misalignment and absorb vibratory movement of electrical equipment and devices. Made of flat extra flexible, tinned, pure copper braid, with unplated, seamless, pure copper ferrules formed into a rectangular shape on each end. Shown are standard 6 & 9 inch flexible copper braids; other lengths, plating and mounting hole sizes are available;

BB024L6T14* BB024L9T14* BB036L9T14*
BB036L12T14* BB036L18T14* BB048L6T14*
BB048L9T14* BB067L6T14 BB067L9T14
BD6T14 BD9T14 BE12T716
BE18T716 BE12T58 BE18T58
BE24T58 BE6T716 BF6T716
BF12T716 BF18T716 BG6T716
BG8T716 BG12T716 BG12T12
BD12 BD12N BD18 BD18N
BD24 BD24N BE12 BE12N
BE18 BE18N BE24 BE24N
BF12 BF12N BF18BF18N
BF24 BF24N BG12 BG12N
BG18 BG18N BG24 BG24N
B2D12 B2D12N B2E12 B2E12N
B2F12 B2F12N B2G12N B3D12
B3D12N B3E12 B3E12N B3F12
B3F12N B3G12 B3G12N B4D12
B4D12N B4E12 B4E12N B4F12
B4F12N B4G12N