Cable Pulling Heads

Compression Pulling Grip


Compression pulling grips are wire range taking accommodating copper code, copper flex, and aluminum code wire. Each pulling grip comes comes in a unique lanyard length for wire staggering to prevent bunching during a pull. See sales drawing and or SOMI for maximum pull load requirements.

Range-taking, only 7 compression pulling heads required to pull #8 AWG through 1000 kcmil wire
Easy to install with 444S or 644 Series of dieless installation tools
Parallel installation, pulling heads available in multiple lanyard lengths for staggering when pulling multiple wires
Knurl crimp bands on barrels clearly indicate the proper crimp zone location
Each lanyard has a protective sleeve for comfort and safety

YCP25L13 YCP25L20 YCP25L27
YCP25L34 YCP25L41 YCP28L13
YCP28L20 YCP28L27 YCP28L34
YCP28L41 YCP31L13 YCP31L20
YCP31L27 YCP31L34 YCP31L41
YCP34L13 YCP34L20 YCP34L27
YCP34L34 YCP34L41 YCP39L13
YCP39L20 YCP39L27 YCP39L34
YCP39L41 YCP44L13 YCP44L20
YCP44L27 YCP44L34 YCP44L41