BTCG Cable Tray Clamp

aluminum tin plated clamps

General Details

Made of aluminum and tin plated, the BTCGC and BTCGC-SS cable tray clamps accommodate aluminum or copper conductor #14 AWG through 250 kcmil. SS version is suitable for outdoor applications. The BTCGC clamp may be used with most types of cable tray with an inside or outside flange design. Quick and easy installation requiring no drilling or special tools; use with 1/2” maximum straight rail, aluminum and steel cable trays. Tin plated for durability and corrosion resistance.
BTCGC250 cable tray clamp easily bonds the ground conductor to the cable tray without drilling or punching holes, providing grounding continuity for the whole system. Accommodating conductor from #6 AWG through 250 kcmil, these aluminum tin plated clamps are easy to install and provide durable long-lasting corrosion resistance along with high pull out strength and vibration resistance. The BTCGC250 clamp accommodates the most popular styles of cable tray that utilize an outside or inside flange.

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