Borken Shear bolt cable lugs

Broken Shear head bolt Aluminium

This first release of Shear Bolt connectors includes a 1-hole lug, 2-hole NEMA spaced lug, and splice that accommodate 1000 kcmil Class B or C stranded aluminum or copper conductor. They are manufactured from a highly conductive aluminum alloy and tin plated to provide excellent conductivity and corrosion resistance. Each connector is listed to the UL Wire Connector standard UL486A-486 and can be used in applications up to 35kV. UL 486A-486B Listed Connectors 90°C

• No Tooling or Die investment required
• Simplified installation with use of shear bolts
• UL486A-486B Listed
• Tin Plated to reduce galvanic corrosion and oxide build up
• AL9CU Dual Rated for use with copper and aluminum conductor
• Can be used in circuits up to 35kV

Catalog Number Wire Range (Al/Cu) Stud Size
KASB44U58 1000 kcmil (Class B & C) 5/8”
KASB44U2N 1000 kcmil (Class B & C) 1/2”
KSSB44U 1000 kcmil (Class B & C)