Phone, CATV and Satellite tied together at a ground wire

General Details

Ietersystem bonding connector

NEC 250.94 refers to a requirement in the 2008 National Electrical Code. In the past, gorund wires from telephone systems or cable systems were allowed to be grounded separately from the GEC (Ground Electrode Conductor from the main electrical service). With the new code, all ground wires from separate systems such as telephone systems, CATV and radio systems must be tied together at one location to the GEC. Henc, the term intersystem refers to tying all of the “system” grounds together in one location. The BONDIT®- Wall Mount is a great solution when the GEC is exposed (not in conduit). With the new BONDIT® – Wall Mount con-nector BURNDY provides an economical solution that meets the needs of NEC 250.94. Catalog Number: BDTIBB

Features & Benefits

• Meets the Intersystem Bonding requirements of NEC2008 250.94
• Provides an easy to access grounding point for utilities such as telecom and cable
• Easy to install
• UL Listed and CSA Certified
• Tin-plated connector body provides longlasting corrosion resistance
• Stainless steel set screws
• Accepts main ground wire (#2 to #6), up to (4) intersystem wires (#4 to #14)
• Supplied with durable cover, easily secured over connector body
• Approved for use with solid or stranded conductors