For Junction Box or wireway

General Details

Unique, modular, made-to-order, power distribution assemblies accommodate any number of supply and load conductors in any number of poles.
Capacity matches the conductors accommodated and SPEC-BLOK™ assures uniform loading. Adjacent poles are separated by easy-to handle, wrap-around insulating covers which eliminate taping and reduce heat build-up by allowing air to flow freely around connectors. SPEC-BLOK™ is UL Listed for copper or aluminum conductors for 600 volts. (AL9CU) Assemblies are mounted on platforms suitable for easy installation in wireway or junction box.

Features & Benefits

• Accommodate unlimited conductors
◊ Fits wide range of applications. Eliminates need for non-UL-Listed improvisation.
• Connector elements tin-plated
◊ Provides high reliability,low-resistance connections.
• User friendly, space-saving design
◊ Easy to install – saves labor.
• 94-VO rated insulation folds into place insulating the components
◊ Saves time and material. Allows easy installation.
• Connector caps removable for easy cable lay-in
◊ Saves labor. Makes installation easier – allows installation of straight-through conductors. Eases retrofit.
• Belleville washers built-in onpressure screw assemblies, except in assemblies installed with a 5/32″ Allen wrench
◊ Provides high-integrity connections.
• Conductors can be cut or fed straight through
◊ Straight through installation ideal for riser applications.

• The SPEC-BLOK™ system includes 12 connector elements
◊ A wide variety of conductor sizes can be accommodated
• Each element can be bolted together in parallel
◊ Provides an efficient flow of current from one element to another
• AL9CU rated for Copper or Aluminum conductors
◊ Dual-rated system, With UL486B’s highest temperature rating

• 2 Wire (series), 4 (parallel), and Multi-Tap versions available
◊ Nearly any conductor combination can be terminated
• Tin-plated Aluminum Alloy Construction
◊ High-strength, corrosion-resistant connector elements
• All SPEC-BLOK™ connectors are custom made for nearly any power Distribution system requirement
◊ Time savings — pre-assembled in our factory for immediate installation!