For Junction Box Applications

General Details

The U-BLOK™ system is a modern, state-ofthe-art approach to multi-load power distribution applications. Among typical uses are multi-story or multi-unit buildings, HVAC, refrigeration, control panels, motor control, switch gear, elevator systems and materials handling equipment.

U-BLOK™ is UL Listed for Copper or Aluminum conductors and rated for 600-volt applications. U-BLOK™ can be mounted on bases for use in troughs or bolted directly to junction boxes.
AL9CU rated.

Features & Benefits

• Connector top slides OFF/ON for quick cable lay-in
◊ Labor savings. Easy access for installation, modifications or retrofit.
• Electro-tin plated connectors in each pole
◊ Durability. High-conductivity and resistance to corrosion.
• Compact size
◊ Requires less space than traditional connection methods.
• Trough installations can be mounted onraised platforms
◊ Passage of cables under block means through-cables need not be terminated
• Insulating covers and mounting blocks rated 94-VO
◊ Saves costly taping, time and material. Conforms to or exceeds building codes.
• Connectors accommodate a wide range of wire sizes
◊ Reduces parts inventory requirements.
• Feeder conductors can be cut or fed through on a continuous run
◊ Ease of installation.