Electrical Joint Compund for AL/AL and AL/AU

General Details

PENETROX™ 奔迪抗氧化导电膏由特殊配方的基础油和成份均匀的微小金属悬浮颗粒组成;在使用中,金属悬浮颗粒在外力作用下通过挤压粉碎金属氧化层,填充在金属间接触面的细小缝隙中,从而修复接触面增大金属间的接触面积,而基础油隔绝空气和水份防止金属氧化或腐蚀并提供润滑功能。在电气应用中,它可增大金属间的导电接触面积,降低压降减少发热保证高导电性能,使电气系统更安全省电,同时防氧化防腐蚀延长产品使用寿命;在机械应用中,它会在金属零件的摩擦运转中不断自我修复受损的金属表面,并清除表面金属杂质;润滑功能最小化零件的磨损程度,同时防氧化防腐蚀延长产品使用寿命!


PENETROX™ oxide-inhibiting compounds produce low initial contact resistance, seal out air and moisture, prevent oxidation or corrosion, exhibit superior weathering characteristics, are usable over wide temperature ranges, and provide a high conductivity “gastight” joint. All PENETROX™ compounds contain homogeneously suspended metal particles. The suspended metal particles assist in Penetrating thin oxide films, act as electrical “bridges” between conductor strands, aid in gripping the conductor, improve electrical conductivity and enhance the integrity of the connection.
The specially formulated PENETROX™ compounds are for use with compression and bolted connectors providing an improved service life for both copper and aluminum connections. Additionally, the nontoxic compounds are an excellent lubricant for threaded applications reducing galling and seizing.

PENETROX HT consists of a non-petroleum base vehicle in which zinc and nickel-aluminum particles are suspended. Recommended for use with aluminum to aluminum High Temperature rated ACSS and ACCC conductors. Not UL Listed.

When stored in its original container in cool (under 100°F) dry environment, PENETROX™ oxide inhibiting compound will remain workable and functional for 5 years from the Date of Manufacture (MO) marked on the container.

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