3" Hydraulic Submersible pump

General Details

The HP3 and HTP3 hydraulic submersible pumps are designed to reliably pump large volumes of liquids and solids (per specifcations). HP and HTP models are durable and offer a very high performance-to-weight ratio. These pumps are self-lubricating, utilizing the hydraulic fuid in a closed loop to ensure consistent, reliable lubrication. The units can be run dry as they do not require water for cooling purposes whether submersed or not.

The high output and compact nature of these pumps make them ideal for pumping out vaults, trenches, ditches, ponds, tanks, pools, etc. in a multitude of industries including agriculture, construction, mining, utilities, public works, departments of transportation, and more.


• Totally submersible
• Pumps solids without blockage or damage
• Self lubricating design
• Cut aluminum pump body
• Double-sealed hydraulic motor shaft protects hydraulic source from water
• Thumb screw secured lid so cover is easy to remove without special tools
• Provided with whip hoses
• High impact, abrasion resistant liner
• 5-year limited warranty