Hydraluic Pole tampler

General Details

The HPT hydraulic pole tampers are designed to provide trouble-free service for compacting around poles, posts, footings and other objects.

The pole tamper operates best on a fow rate of 4 gal/min. operating pressure. Force of blow, and frequency of blow will be a function of the fow rate provided. A minimum of 1000 lb/in2 operating pressure is essential in order to obtain the maximum output performance.

The unique patented valving of the HPT pole tamper provides low maintenance, long life and superior handling characteristics because there is no mechanical impacting of the ram within the tamper. The oil reverses the stroke before bottoming out, preventing the tamper from hammering itself when running free between compaction strokes.

These features provide unexcelled compaction while virtually eliminating kick-back to the operator’s hand.

Tamper shoes sold separately.


• Available with or without On/Off control valve
• Pented valving prevents impacting of the ram within the tamper
• Stroke amplitude of 1-5/8″
• Stroke frequency of 1375 blows/min is ideal for compacting around poles, posts, footings, and other objects
• Interchangeable heavy duty tamper shoes allows for fexibility
• 5-year limited warranty