18HP, Hydraulic power pack, single/dual GPM output

General Details

The HPP18-2 Hydraulic Power Pack is designed to provide hydraulic fow and pressure for operation of HTMA Type I and Type II hydraulic tools. The power pack is equipped with an 18 HP gas engine. The power packs are all equipped with air-to-oil coolers with suction fan mounted to the power shaft on the engine. The fuel and hydraulic systems are self-contained with the required reservoir, fltration and level indicators.

The hydraulic system consists of a hydraulic system fuid reservoir; flter assembly, single (HPP18) or tandem pump (HPP18-2), and a wide variety of fow controls. The flter element is a “spin on” type element for easy replacement. The flter housing has a pressure bypass valve to divert fuid directly to the tank in the event of a restricted flter. Only the hydraulic pumps are called out in the parts section of this manual. Pressure hoses from the pumps are connected directly to a control module, which contains a relief valve, a fow control valve, and pressure and return ports. 5 gallon hydraulic reservoir for cooler oil operation.


HPP18-2: DUAL GPM OUTPUT, 2@2000PSI, 5GPM OR 1@2000PSI@10GPM



• Briggs & Stratton 18 HP VANGUARD gas engine (twin OHV cylinders)
• Integral oil cooling system with fully shrouded fan and changeable oil flter
• Fold away locking handle for easy job site portability
• Electronic ignition with key start, 12 Volt battery
• Features manual choke and an adjustable throttle mechanism with lock/adjustment
• Variable GPM output valve provides fuid fow from 1-10 GPM @ 2,000 psi (HPP18 only)
• HPP18-2 is a dual circuit unit: (1) 10 GPM or (2)5 GPM
• HPP18-2 has the ability to operate two (2) 5 GPM tools simultaneously or one (1) tool up to 10 GPM