Copper bar and copper tapes

copper bar, pvc copper tapes and aluminum tape

Bare Copper Tape
The main component of any Earthing or Lightning Protection System is the actual conductor. thermOweld’s Bare
Copper Tape is manufactured from the finest quality cathodes with a purity of 99.99%. These Tapes are annealed for
ease of use with radiused edges and are oxygen free (oxygen 5ppm). The KA Rating is based on the recommendations
of BS: 7430 with an initial temp. of 30o and a maximum of 250o. C.

PVC Covered Tape
PVC Covered Copper Tapes are similar to the Bare Copper Tapes but covered with PVC for aesthetic purpose to blend
the down conductor into the building.

Tinned Copper Tape
Bare Copper Tape is annealed and tinned for easy use and extend the life of the conductor

Bare Aluminum Tape
These Bare Aluminum Tapes are made of high grade aluminum which can be used in lightning protection applications
as an economical alternate to copper tapes. The tapes are annealed for ease of use with radiused edges.