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PATCUT2156-LI Battery Cutter Tools

The PATCUT2156 Series is a versatile battery powered latch cutter designed to cut a variety of different cable types and materials including: CU and Al cable up to 2.00” dia., 2156 ACSR cable, ¾” ground rod, 9/16” EHS Guy wire and 5/8” rebar.

As part of the BURNDY® PATRIOT™ line of battery operated tools, the PATCUT2156 cutter series is powered by Makita 18V battery technology and being offered in both Lithium Ion and NiMH depending upon customer needs. Other features include the BURND®Y INFINITYDRIVE™ gearbox with lifetime warranty, durable hardened steel blades and the proven reliable hydraulics you’ve come to expect from BURNDY.

Features and Benefits

  • Specialized hardened steel cutting blades provide superior cutting performance across all cables and material types specified.
  • Versatile cutting capacity
    CU/AL up to 2.00” diameter
    2156 ACSR (also cuts some 2515 sizes)
    ¾” Ground Rod
    5/8” Rebar
    9/16” EHS Guy Wire
  • Offered with 18V Makita battery technology in either Li-Ion or NiMH
  • Ergonomic pistol style tool design for ease of one-handed cutting
  • INFINITYDRIVE™ gearbox offers exceptional reliability and backed by a lifetime warranty
  • BURNDY® 5-year limited warranty on tool (excluding blades)
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