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BURNDY PATRIOT IN-LINE Pole Cutter & Crimper Tool

BURNDY® announces the introduction of the PATMD-ALLIF PATRIOT® IN-LINE® Pole Cutter / Crimper Tool, designed for use in extended reach, “live-line, hot-sticking” applications working from inside the aerial bucket or from solid ground.

An industry first, this unique design builds upon the original BURNDY PATMD IN-LINE battery tool platform, bringing control to your fingertips while working with hard to reach, energized overhead or underground lines. Designed for safety, convenience and function, the PATMD-ALLIF battery-operated tool performs cuts in seconds and eliminates the exertion and energy required using similar manual or ratchet type models.

Its balanced weight distribution allows for a more ergonomic experience versus similar tools on the market where the majority of the weight is at the top of the pole.

With interchangeable heads, this one tool can accommodate most of your long reach cutting and crimping requirements.

Features and Benefits
Retractable Blade Guide keeps blades aligned and ensures a smooth, clean cut. The blades are easy to replace.
Adjustable Angular Head offers better control and maneuverability options from multiple positions for hard to reach areas
Interchangeable Jaws – A versatile Cutter Jaw & 3 Crimp Jaw options
Rocker Trigger Design allows controlled actuation of the tool when desired
Safety Trigger Lock Feature prevents accidental operation of tool while not in use.

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