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Universal Terminal Line Expansion & Dual-rated Lug

There have been 18 new items added to the current Universal Terminal portfolio. They include 3 two conductor single port “keyhole” lugs, 6 single conductor anti-rotational lugs, and 9 six/eight conductor lugs. The additional items supplement the current offering by providing customers with further flexibility when selecting a connector to terminate conductors in power circuits.

Features and Benefits

  • Keyhole Lugs:
    • Higher level of flexibility over one conductor single port lugs
    • Accommodates single and 2 conductors of the same size
    • Space saving over comparable two single port conductor lugs or one two conductor lug
  • Anti-rotational Lugs:
    • Tab/rib on the bottom of the tongue resting against the side of the terminal pad or bus bar during installation prevents it from turning when being fastened. Once installed the rib helps prevent the lug from loosening if exposed to vibration.
  • Both Keyhole Lugs & Anti-rotational Lugs are:
    • UL Listed to the UL Wire Connector Standard UL486A-486B
    • AL9CU Dual rated for use with copper or aluminum conductor
    • High Strength 6061-T6 Aluminum Alloy
    • Electro Tin-Plated for low contact resistance
  • Six and Eight Conductor Lugs
    • The “KK_” series have 2 screws for providing extra secureness of the conductor in heavy duty applications
    • Conductor ports come pre-filled with oxide-inhibitor
    • They are NOT UL listed.
    • Allow more conductors to be installed with a single conductor than what had been currently offered
    • Dual Rated for use with copper or aluminum conductor
    • High Strength 6061
    • Clear coated
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